Frequently Ask Questions

1. Can Lotus Epoxy Coating Be Used Outside? Can I use Lotus epoxy to cover wood, Steel, Metal, Ceramic Tile, or Fibre glass ?

Part Lotus Epoxy is flexible and self-priming and self-levelling sealer/topcoat system that is designed for both exterior and interior hard surfaces of any kind. It is stain, scratch, scuff, scorch (up to 1000°F) and UV resistant. You can refer our different products for different area of application.

2. Can Lotus Epoxy Coating be installed over cracks ?

Yes, Lotus Epoxy Coating can even work on Cracks to cover hairline cracks. However, for wider cracks, its recommended to prepare "paste" of fine silica with small amount of Lotus Epoxy and fill-in the wider cracks.

3. How Long Will Lotus Epoxy Coating Last?

Lotus Epoxy can withstand a great deal of foot and vehicle traffic. If the surface is regularly cleaned and maintained properly, the Lotus Epoxy LSE Coating should last between 3 to 5 times more durable than normal epoxy & Polyurethane on any hard surface (Interior / Exterior).

4. How Long Does It Take to Apply Lotus Epoxy Coating ?

The time frame to complete a project depends on the size of the room or facility. Smaller jobs can be completed in less than a day. A large facility may take several days. Once the 2 part mixture is ready, you have to use it in 45 minutes

5. How Long Does Lotus Epoxy Coating Take to Cure?

There are two types of "Cure Times", namely: "Cure to Touch" and "Chemical Cure" time.

The "Cure to Touch" time for our coatings is Four hours. "Cure to Touch" time means that the coating is ready for light foot traffic, however, for heavier traffic, it is advised to wait until "Chemical Cure" time when the coating achieves optimum hardness.

The "Chemical Cure" time is defined as the time it takes for all the polymeric reactions are complete and the coating achieves optimum hardness and chemical resistance. The coating is ready for heavier traffic and becomes resistant to harsh chemicals. The "Chemical Cure" time is about 3 to 5days, depending on ambient temperature and humidity. It is recommended that the coated surface be cleaned with water and mild detergent until "Chemical Cure" time is reached.

6. Can Lotus Epoxy Coating be installed in hot/cold climates? What is the best time/temperature to apply my floor coating?

SURFACE TEMPERATURE Should be at least 3°C above the dew point of the surrounding air. Min. : 8°C, Max : 60°C.

Kindly refer Technical Data sheet on the Website for more detail information for each product.

7. What maintenance is required for Lotus Epoxy Coating?

The seamless design of Lotus Epoxy Coating is easy to clean and maintain. It Requires damp mop only to maintain floor shine. Food stains, ketchup, mustard, Betadine stains can be simply wiped-off with wet towel without a trace!

8. After I applied my Lotus Epoxy Coating, I noticed tiny little bubbles on the surface. What caused this and how do I fix it?

The tiny little air bubbles are called out gassing. This can be caused by a few things:

Applying a Lotus Epoxy Coating in high temperatures or in direct sunlight can cause the coating to dry faster than intended. This causes air pockets to form during evaporation and curing.


Apply Lotus Epoxy Coating within the recommended application temperature and apply at sundown to avoid direct sunlight.


To fix the out gassing, lightly sand the bubbles and surrounding areas and recoat the problem areas. Clean the area before touching up.


DO NOT take internally. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

We strongly recommend that proper safety precaution be taken while applying our coatings, such as personnel applying the coating should wear isoprene gloves and safety glasses, and there should be proper ventilation during application, especially if application involves spraying.

This material may cause skin and/or eye irritation. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin or breathing of vapours or mist. If the material is spray applied, use proper face and breathing apparatus protect on. Keep material away from heat and open flame. This material is designed for application by professionally trained personnel, using proper equipment. This product is not intended for sale or use by the general public.

10. General Maintenance Tips

Lotus Epoxy can withstand a great deal of foot and vehicle traffic. If the surface is regularly cleaned and maintained properly, the Lotus Epoxy LSE Coating should last between 3 to 5 times more durable than normal epoxy & Polyurethane on any hard surface (Interior / Exterior).

Immediately After Installation

• Keep everyone off the floor for the first 24 hours.
• Keep heavy objects or vehicles off for the first 72 hours.
• It will take the epoxy floor seven days to fully cure. We recommend that you do not scrub or wash your floor during the first seven days.

Preventative Maintenance

• Wipe up spills as soon as possible to avoid any potential staining.
• Sweep up dry dirt and stones on a regular basis which over time can scratch the topcoat.
• Keep the floor clean by washing with general purpose cleaner to extend life of coating.

Periodic Maintenance

• For rough textured surfaces, scrub with a bristle brush and a general purpose cleaning solution to dislodge the dirt. After cleaning, the floor should be rinsed with a hose to prevent the dirt from resettling on the floor.

Proactively Protect Surface (For Floor)

When moving objects across your floor such as furniture, workbenches, or heavy objects, lay cardboard or wood panelling on the floor as a protective barrier to protect against scratching or gouging your newly coated floor. Place a walk off mat at door entrances to reduce the amount of dirt brought into your home.

11. Warranty

9 times out of 10 reason, a coating fails due to improper substrate preparation. One of the most difficult variables to get around is the fact that every hard surface is different. Varying porosity, hardness, smoothness, and surface characteristics cause each job to have specific needs. we cannot issue a warranty. However, we really do stand behind our products so if you experience ANY issues at all, we will stand behind you to make sure you end up with the floor you wanted.

Still if you have any query, send us mail on sales@lotuscoatingsystem.com