Bid adieu to all the furniture woes; MagicShine coatings are here to protect it!


For the people who are into collecting outdoor wooden sculptures, it’s a nightmare to take care of those beloved possessions. The portion in touch with the ground tends to become grain. Water may shed off from it, but the end grain surfaces become like a wick. Since wood is made up of hollow cells similar to a bundle of straws held together, when water passes through it, it easily gets caught in between and makes them swollen – all of it leading to premature rotting of the structures and eventually cracking. Now one may think that a good finish at the ends could do away with everything, but that’s where you get it all wrong. It is just a temporary fix as the structures can still soak up water.

The above mentioned situations are obvious concerns for outdoor furniture, as they are easily susceptible to natural happenings and rain. But the furniture inside your house, if not equally, it is definitely susceptible to rots and degradation. A coat of epoxy can help them last lustrous for years at a stretch - the reason being that Epoxy is inert when cured, which makes it compatible for both exterior and interior finishes.

Lotus MagicShine Coatings are known to do their work on all kinds of old and dull furniture in a way that when done, they look exceptionally shiny and bright – all of this done while keeping the natural beauty of the wood intact. A two layer of Lotus MagicShine Coating can do wonders as compared to at least four coatings of even the most popular Poly Urethane brands. Furthermore, they even require coatings to be done every three to four years. Lotus MagicShine, on the other hand, are known to give a long lasting effect for at least 20 years to 25 years. The end result makes your finishes not only scratch resistant, stain resistant, termite proof, but also water proof.

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