The ultimate long-term fix for every pipeline and vessels corrosion!


The current protective coating technology for oil and gas pipelines has both technical and economic disadvantages. A lot of factors play a role in this - climate, properties of the substrate traveling through the pipeline, product flammability and rate of flow. Moreover, is the pipeline happens to be underwater, underground, or above the ground, the coating has to be done in a way that should give long term durability, both on the interiors and exteriors.

Since industrial pipeline and process vessels face the most corrosive and challenging environment, Lotus DuraKote Coatings are formulated in a way that will protect all the surfaces from chemicals, moisture, salty air, etc. Lotus DuraKoteCoatings are completely self-priming and can be applied on any kind of metal by spray, roller or brush. The only surface preparation required is removal of rust or loose paint. No special surface profile is required as it possesses excellent adhesive properties. The coatings are robust enough to withstand high temperatures (up to 800 Deg. F) or can be applied on hot surfaces (up to 800 Deg. F).

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