The guardian of the floors!


It is a well-known fact that Epoxy-coated floors have an upper hand as compared to the others, as they come with more durable and reliable surfaces, be it for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. Epoxy coatings over concrete surfaces help get a shiny, glossy surface, with about a 200% increase in the brightness over the area where it is applied – all of this without slippery surfaces. These surfaces are hard wearing and do not getting affecting by heavy or continuous traffic, apart from the fact that they easily resist beads water, oil stains, and wipes. When combined with colors and paints, Epoxy coating can help mask off cracks and chips along with providing a chemically resistant surface ideal for manufacturing plants. The surface is fire and heat resistant and they hardly require any maintenance. What’s more, the Epoxy floors are environmental friendly.

Our Lotus Dura Shine coatings are formulated in a way that gives stain free and extremely durable floors for most kinds of floors – marble, granite, concrete, ceramic, VCT, tiles, etc. Lotus coatings are applied in a way that creates a non-permeable membrane which is scratch, stain, scorch, scuff, and fire resistant. All it takes to clean them is a damp mop. Not only do we provide an unmatched durability against everything, but also a lasting effect for years.

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