Coating - The superhero you need to protect from water leakages!


Along with giving protection and long lasting water proofing solutions to bathroom surfaces, ceilings, walls, the Lotus Aqua Guard also beautifies the products. Our self-priming Lotus Aqua Guard is flexible, economical, durable, and highly penetrating. The Concrete Staining version offered by Lotus helps give your roof an exquisite look along with protecting it from seepages. In case of walls, both interior and external, our coatings are proven better alternatives to those available in the market, thanks to the fact that they are completely stain along with being UV resistant. For the same reasons, your walls will never lose their texture or color due to pollution or other natural activities and neither will they have mildew as it contains anti-microbial additives. It is also heat resistant – up to 260°C. For interior walls, we have an added benefit – fingerprint proof. With a plethora of options to choose from some elegant colors and finishes, your only concern should be which one looks the best!

Furthermore, Lotus Aqua Guard also provides all the solutions to your bathroom surface woes. One can never not worry enough about all that moisture in the bathroom. Our product bonds even with the ceramic tiles for covering the grout to form an impenetrable membrane through which the moisture cannot escape. From fiberglass gelcoat, concrete, terrazzo, VCT, vinyl/asbestos or glazed ceramic tiles, wood to marble or many other manmade materials – you can get any of these protected with Epoxy coating. Not only that, it is also ideal for rest-room floors as it encapsulates the odor causing Uric Acid. Once you have it done, the surface is stain, scratch, scuff, scorch (up to 537°C) and UV resistant. It also becomes flexible to withstand thermal expansion,to penetrate and seal hairline cracks and for sealing the floor.

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