The one stop protection solution for every marine application!


For modern boat construction and repair, Epoxy has been proven to be one of the most valuable and effective tools. The major reason for its popularity has its credit to its versatility – from making small repairs to cold molding a brand new hull – everything can be done. Because of its nature, Epoxy enables the creation of mixtures with desired, precise characteristics. Epoxy can get cured to durable, hard plastic easily at room temperature; the cure rate of which is adjusted by different hardener formulations. The epoxy barriers protect every component of a composite boat. Since the moisture content is stabilized this way, all kinds of maintenance problems of wooden boats including joint cracks, structural swelling, shrinking, rots, surface checking, or any other are eliminated. By providing a stable base for varnishes and paints, Epoxy helps reduce the refinishing frequency. For the boats which are glass laminated, Epoxy coating has an upper hand over polyester resin because of the fact that it reduces any chances of delamination or gelcoat blistering due to moisture penetration. Epoxy for marine applications has proven to work under the toughest working and harshest environmental conditions, thanks to their beauty, performance, and reliability.

As for Lotus SmoothSailing Coatings, they are specifically designed in a way that offers complete protection against corrosion and salt air. They are suitable for application on almost every kind of surface relevant to the marine industries –all kinds of metals, including aluminum, galvanized metal, and carbon steel, concrete, fiber glass, wood, etc. The impermeable membrane formed protects the coating which is extremely slick and hard, and thereby it reduces the friction, eventually helping by saving massive sums in terms of fuel expenditure. The primer cost is also reduced since it has self-priming characteristics. Moreover, Lotus SmoothSailing also has high temperature stability , tolerance, are non-stick and stain resistant which makes it suitable for engine room surface protection.

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