Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Aldine Independent School District is pleased to recommend Lotus Chemicals Co. Inc. and their product Lotus PermShine 266. Approximately two years ago the district used their floor coating on a restroom floor and were very impressed with the results. Since then we have used this product to do several more restrooms in the district.”

Emmit A. Roque | Executive Director of Buildings & Properties View

“The Parking Operations, Theater District Parking, operates and maintains a 3,400 space parking facility that is constantly maintained for patron usage, safety and aesthetic purposes. For years we have experienced unsightly tire marks on the curbs of our entrances and islands and contacted Lotus Chemicals Co. Inc. and purchased their yellow Lotus PermStripe 267. This coating has reduced the number of times we have had to repaint these islands to zero. This product exceeded our needs and expectations satisfactorily and I am pleased to recommend it.”

Reginald Randolph | Assistant Manager, Theater District Parking Division View

“The Greater East End District graffiti abatement crew applied Lotus NoGraffiti 264 to ten test sites in July 2009. The product was tested after 3.5 months for permanence, ease of graffiti removal, UV exposure and color change. We found the product to perform as promised on graffiti that had been applied with permanent markers, with easy removal using a common paint solvent.

The product provided adequate protection on a variety of surfaces including metal stop signs, wooden signs, steel boxes and concrete walls against the irreparable damage usually resulting from permanent markers. Although the test time was only 3.5 months, the management district graffiti abatement staff could attest to the effectiveness of Lotus NoGraffiti 264 and suggest that it could be applied to a variety of surfaces, offer long term protection and easy removal of tagging that occurs.”

Martin Chavez | Constituent Services Manager View

“We have been very pleased with the results we have seen with the testing of Lotus Chemicals NoGraffiti 264 paint. The paint made graffiti clean up and removal very quick, efficient and cost-effective.

We tested the product by applying it to the wood surfaces of several of our bus passenger shelter benches that have been constantly tagged with graffiti. Shortly after applying the product, the benches were tagged with graffiti. To our surprise and amazement we were able to remove the graffiti by simply wiping it off with some alcohol and a rag. Prior to using the NoGraffiti 264 paint, we would have to remove the bench and take it back to the shop for the graffiti to be sanded off. Afterwards, the bench would have to be repainted and reinstalled. By using the NoGraffiti 264 paint we have realized a tremendous saving in time (man-hours), material and equipment cost, as well as discovered a quick and highly efficient way to attack our menacing graffiti problem.”

Omar Lopez | Manager of Public Facilities, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County TexasView

“The purpose of my letter is to give you an update on the performance of your Lotus PermShine 266 floor coating. As you know, I asked you to apply your product on two test areas in our warehouse to observe how this coating behaved after exposure to countless hours of heavy equipment movement.

After more than six months of heavy duty forklifts riding over it and maneuvering with 1800 pound pallets and 5-10,000 pounds of steel bar, the coating shows no signs of wear. This is an oily and dusty environment but with a quick wipe of the floor with a rag, the shine returns. Just as impressive as the wear properties is that the surface is not slippery, a key point in operating the equipment that we do.”

Tom Neal | Operations Manager, Nedschroef Corporation View

“Dr. Cholera introduced his product and process to Rice University about 2 years ago and since then we have had the product applied to several areas within several of our residential college buildings. The Lotus PermShine product does a great job of sealing floors in bathroom areas where leaks have been a problem and it gives the floor a brilliant finish!”

Frank Rodriguez | Senior Director Housing & Dining, Rice University View

“We initially had Dr. Cholera tackle a high-traffic hallway and the ground floor restrooms in Moody Towers. Based on that success, we then had him apply his wonderful product to all restrooms on the south side of the 17 floors that house our residents in Moody Towers.

The application of Lotus PermShine 266 has resulted in a lasting surface that requires very little maintenance. It is tough enough to resist scuffing – marks come right off! It seems to work well on terrazzo or ceramic tile (our floor material). All in all, we have been very pleased with Dr. Cholera and this wonderful product. A brilliant shine, reduced labor to maintain – Lotus Perm Shine 266 has done more than its job for us!”

Javier Hidalgo | Associate Director of RL&H Operations, University of Houston

“Please consider this letter as an expression of my satisfaction regarding the Lotus PermWhite 266 Coating System which you had applied to one large wall in several of our classrooms here at the University of Houston, Clear Lake. This application was done in 2004, and we are very satisfied with the durability of this product.

The instructors find it very helpful to have a large wall as a Dry Erase surface on which to write assignments to their students. The surface is easy to clean up and its great not to have to use chalk and erasers anymore.”

Anne Coppenhaver | Director, Center for Educational ProgramsView
Crokett DuBose | Chief ofstaff Galena ParkView
Freeman Taylor | Manager Facilities Programs and Project ManagmentView