With Lotus Lustre Coatings, nothing is dull anymore!


Dullness of artifacts and structures or any other surfaces can get monotonous after a while, which is why Lotus Lustre Coatings come in an exciting, vibrant range of all the colors of the rainbow. They are fit to make any kind of surroundings look more chic and exquisite apart from being extremely functional as they are entirely resistant to stains, are water proof and washable. The fact that Lotus Lustre Coatings are Epoxy based, they are extremely long-lasting as compared to its counterparts, namely Acrylic, Latex, or Poly Urethane Coatings.

Moreover, both exterior and interior surfaces are suitable to be coated with Lotus Lustre Coatings, thanks to their choices in color and gloss and matte finishes. When used externally, they resist mildew as they are stain resistant. For the same reason, no kinds of pollution or natural happenings can affect it.

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